Social strategy

Bringing this project to social media is an important part of the strategy. Today, social media plays a huge role in the lives of young girls. It can be a wonderful place to communicate and gain information, but it can also be a scary place, full of negative content than can threatening one's self-esteem and body confidence.

Using our hashtags #Iammore and #Youaremore we will begin our strategy with the basic social media presence on Facebook and Instagram but we are eager to put this concept out there and encourage our community to get inspired and involved to develop further strategies on this and other platforms like Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.

Help us to make this strategy a hit!



Bringing the project to life

We want to use Facebook as platform to share relevant information about the project and the issue. Building a strong community will enable us to have a more direct conversation with people interested in the issue.

Help us grow our community!



Bringing Airam to life

Instagram is such an influential social media for young women. It's a place where looks and physical appearances play a huge rol. This is creating social and psychological pressure in them. 

We want to bring our main character and hero to life on this platform to create a role model other girls can look up to. We want to inspire them to use and see their Instagram account in a different and more positive way.

Let's bring some magic to girl's Instagram.


Support us

With your help we can make this project a reality. If you want to get involved and be part of this cause there´s several way you can do it. We are looking to team up with people like you to to help us develop the project further by providing artistic, strategic and financial help.

Or if you want to see the project develop you can also follow up our progress by following the cause and signing to our mailing list. 

Your support will truly make a difference.