The Short Film


2D animated short film

Written by

Hector Luna & David Calderón 

Produced by

Animagic Studios


The Story

Airam is a journey through the life of a young girl born with a love of dance and a birthmark on half of her right arm. Airam, despite her talent and beauty, struggles with insecurities and a lack of confidence.

During her late childhood and teenage years, immerse in our imaged obsessed modern society this becomes a huge burden on her life. Being bullied at school and social circles, her self-esteem and body confidence are weakened, making her fall into depression. All her talents and her potential are threatened by all of these insecurities about her looks giving life to the villain of this story, Unnamed, an ethereal creature who is embodied as a hungry wolf whose only purpose is to feed on Airam insecurities and make her fail to fulfill her life goal to become a dancer. Join this journey and discover how our hero overcomes this challenge.


This is a story about finding your true self.

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Main characters


Airam is a story with characters we can find in our daily lives. Our goal is to create a story where we all can relate to one or more characters in it to create a deeper emotional connection and empathy with the subject, the issue and the characters themselves.

Say hi to our main stars!

Main character and hero of our story.


Airam is a 13 year old girl born and raised in New York. Her mother Navi, is a Brazilian immigrant dancer and her dad Nicholas is a german music teacher. Airam is a happy, kind, and caring girl. She is a little bit shy when she doesn’t know other people but she can also bee very goofy and talkative with people she feels comfortable with.

Music and dance are two of her biggest passions; she listens to hip hop music once in a while but she also enjoys jazz and old school music. Dogs are one the her favourite creatures on earth. She would love to have one but her parents have never let her cause they live in tiny apartment in the city.

She loves to read and watching movies at home with her parents.Sometimes she is very quiet and she enjoys spending time alone, specially when she is practicing her dance. She has been practicing ballet and modern dance practically since she could stand on her feet. 

She is a smart but she could gets easily distracted except when she is into something, in that case there’s nothing in the world that can break her focus. 

Overall she is a nice girl with a little bit of mystery but with a big heart!

Ente 01.png


Unnamed (we are still finding the perfect name for this guy) is an ethereal creature made of dark smoke who feeds on people´s insecurities and bad thoughts. He is invisible to the naked eye and it can take the form of any person in Airam´s life using them to fulfill his mission of corrupting Airam and making her give up her dream.

Unnamed is a representation of all negative aspects of our society that puts pressure into women´s life about the way they look. He is a smart, deceiving, proud and ferocious beast with a charm that can lure anybody into his spell.

His only mission is to see people suffer. He collects all his victims passions and dreams and use them as the source of his powers and charms.

Overall he is a bad, bad guy!


Concept Art

A small compilation of some of the concept art we have developed so far for the production of the campaign intro and short film.

We hope you like it!


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