Interactive strategy

This strategy is under development.

To bring this idea beyond a film it´s important to have a strong online presence. Our goal is to create a digital hub to spread the message, educate and enable people to take action.

We truly want to make this project a community based project. If you are passionated about this and want to get involved please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Love Chain

A tool to empower people to make a change

Bringing the project to the digital world would be one of main efforts to provide people with information and tools to make an impact. Our main website will be a central hub of information about the issue along with a fun interactive tool that will people the power to share the message and make someone smile.

The Love chain is Animagic's initial interactive tool proposal to encourage people to appreciate their friends' non-physical qualities that makes them special, unique and beautiful. 

Let's show others we love them for what they truly are


Compliment Stickers

A sample of art we can use to make our compliments look awesome and fun. This stickers will be animated and would be part of the interactive tool engine.

They are pretty cute eh?


Support us

With your help we can make this project a reality. If you want to get involved and be part of this cause there´s several way you can do it. We are looking to team up with people like you to to help us develop the project further by providing artistic, strategic and financial help.

Or if you want to see the project develop you can also follow up our progress by following the cause and signing to our mailing list. 

Your support will truly make a difference.