We all have a ritual, learn which one is yours!


Each one of us is to learn on our own personal rhythm. What do I mean by this? It is important to find that walking pace and cadence with which we face life.

When we go for a jog in the park, there is a moment when we realize we are surrounded by more people that are there for the exact same reason we are. However, each one will follow their own rhythm. That beat that is determined by our breath, our goal, our hearts and so many other things. We are in no hurry to catch up to the person in front of you, neither we worry about who’s behind. It’s simple. All we really notice is that we are there: happy, free, light and at peace. We enjoy each and every step and we fill ourselves with that moment. Our minds and bodies are in that exact place. 


This is the feeling we should have on the hustle of the everyday. Sometimes we don’t quite understand the quote: “You are not competing with anybody” and we find it hard to learn how to relax, to lose the desire to possess things that are not ours and we can’t stop comparing ourselves to others. That bewilderment and lack of connection from our inner selves is leading us further and further away from our essence and it´s making us lose sight of our real value. We lose our rhythm. When we ignore it, we hurry and race against absolutely anything. We take other people’s ideas as our own and fail to appreciate our self-worth. 

It´s easy to get lost on the collective thinking that leads us to believe that our value depends on this or that. We can easily get caught in this limiting thinking that breaks our balance and confuses our minds, but we must find our own way! 


Written by:

 Chantal Calderón

Mexico City; March 7th, 2018

Chantal Calderón