We all have a ritual, learn which one is yours!

Each one of us is to learn on our own personal rhythm. What do I mean by this? It is important to find that walking pace and cadence with which we face life.

When we go for a jog in the park, there is a moment when we realize we are surrounded by more people that are there for the exact same reason we are. However, each one will follow their own rhythm. 

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Chantal Calderón
Do you know who you are?

We are so constantly distracted by the hustle of the outside that we rarely stop to search within ourselves. Unaware that everything we need to be perfect is already within us we search with such despair that we end up crashing against the world´s ongoing and never stopping current. We end up feeling devastated, defeated and sometimes even completely destroyed by that which we are unable to understand...

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Stop looking at the mirror.

I know how you feel. 

Just like you, I know what it means living in a world where the most important thing is the way you look. Where the beauty of a woman is believed to be in her looks and where your passions and dreams always comes second.

I also know how it feels like giving up on your dreams because I didn’t believe I was intelligent enough to achieve them. I stopped dancing because I didn’t trust my talent. I just didn’t believe in myself...

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