The Project

I am more is an initiative by Animagic Studios to create a conversation around self-esteem and body confidence among young women, their families and social circles. 

Using storytelling and digital media we want to raise awareness about this important social issue that is affecting the lives of millions of young women all around the world.

We want to inspire women to see themselves beyond their looks and see more than just a reflection in the mirror. To stare a little longer and find all aspects of themselves that makes them unique, valuable and beautiful.


This is a story to help you find your true self.



Low self-esteem and body confidence is a critical issue in today's society that is stopping young girls from reaching their full potential.

Studies have shown an alarming number of young women are directly or indirectly affected by these issues, causing physical and psychological distress that gets in the way of living a happy and fulfilling life.

"The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report" is a study on the topic, commissioned by Dove and a good example of this alarming facts.


We want to use animation to create a positive change in female body confidence and inspire others to get involved. Let's build a community of people dedicated to change some of these facts.


Support us

There are several ways you can get involved to help make this project a reality.

We are looking to team up with people like you to help us develop the project further by providing artistic, strategic and financial aid.

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Your support will make a difference.